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Comments are Welcome

We welcome comments on how to improve our web site to be of more benefit to our members. If you find an error, please let us know so we can correct it.

If you wish to add an inquiry to the 'Bulletin Board' page, please include your name and unit number as well as the name and unit number of the friends or relatives about which you seek information. Inquiries are also welcomed from friends or relatives. We will try to supply any information we have available or to direct you to someone who can provide it if possible.

We have not been able to find the names of many men who served with the Division. If you know of someone we have missed, please let us know and he will be added. Include his name, rank, unit (battalion and company), army serial number if known, and include his hometown and date of death if he is deceased. We also have the names of over 1,000 men who served in the Division whose unit is unknown.

We now have a search routine installed so the files can be searched for individuals or other information you may require.

Please send comments, stories, inquirys, requests, error corrections, etc. to one of the following volunteers. We may ask for specific file sizes or formats on material to be posted to the website.

US Mail: E-Mail
Andy Waskie, President
8th Armored Division Assn
2345 E. Dauphin St
Philadelphia, PA 19125

Andy Waskie President
David Clare Historian and Research Advisor
Scott Thorpe Webmaster