8th Armored Division - Maps
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Note: These maps are are copies of old records and they may be easier to read if they are resized.
Rhineland, early Mar 45
Rhineland, early Apr 45
Rhineland - Krefield area
Rhineland - Rheinberg area
CCB operations during month of April, 45
58th AIB operations near Linne, Holland - Feb 45
Map 1 of 78th Medical travels
Map 2 of 78th Medical travels
Hand drawn map from 130-C
Ordnance battalion's trail, 130-C
North Camp Polk, 1943
36th Tank map of Rheinberg
Map showing location of Margraten Cemetery
Position of German units in Ruhr Pocket
List of German units in Ruhr Pocket
80-A map of 30 March 45 Beur Hassel engagment, provided by German historian
8th Armored Div map of Europe
1944 Military Map of Recklinghausen in Ruhr
CCR Location in Ruhr Pocket 4 April 45
1944 Military Map of Rheinberg area