398th Armored Field Artillery - Hq. Battery
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Cpl. Theodore E. Psuty, 398-Hq
T/4 Paul Soderholm at Stonehedge,  England, Christmas Day 1944, 398-Hq
T/4 Paul Soderholm, Rouves, France Feb 1945 398-A
T/4 Paul Soderholm, Wolfenbuttel, Germany, Spring 1945 398-A
Sam Weiner and T/4 Paul Soderholm, Wolfenbuttal, Germany 1945, 398-Hq
Sam Weiner and T/4 Paul Soderholm, Adelebsen, Germany 1945, 398-Hq
T/4 Paul Soderholm, Gottingen, Germany May 1945, 398-Hq
Cpl. Joe McDevitt, T/4 Paul Soderholm and T/5 Vic Miller on
T/4 Paul Soderholm and wrecked German plane, Pilsen, Czech. 1945, 398-Hq
T/5 Vic Miller and T/4 Paul Soderholm and knocked out German half-track at St. Victor, France, 398-Hq
T/4 Paul Soderholm, 398-Hq
Cpl Ed McKernan, Lt. Ash, Duard Lawrence, Wood. 398-Hq
McKernon, 398-Hq
McKernon, 398-Hq