399th Armored Field Artillery - Battery A
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Sgt. James Gelder, 399-A, and 'Annette' tank crew
Sgt. Eugene Koch, 399-A, and  'Axis Buster' tank
S/Sgt Crescencio Escudero, 399-A, and 'Axis Buster' crew
A German 88 gun taken in Hanover, Germany
Big equipment for young recruits, 399-A
Men of 399-A on a break in Paris, July 1945
S/Sgt Clinton E. Habegger, left, and Cpl Leslie Breed, 399-A
399-A in England, 1944 - left half
399-A in England, 1944 - right half
S/Sgt Clinton Earl Habegger, 399-A
S/Sgt Clinton E. Habegger, 399-A, and girlfriend left behind
Inside tank nicknamed 'Anxious Virgin', Hannover, Ger.
T/5 Jim Rice, 399-A, by tank 'Anxious Virgin'
T/5 Jim Rice399-A, in tank
T/5 Jim Rice, 399-A
399-A men learning to operate a tank
399-A set up a party for German orphans after the war
Sgt. Eugene Koch by S/Sgt Chris Escudero's tank
Sgt. Eugene Koch, left, and S/Sgt Earl Habegger, 399-A
Tank training at Camp Polk
Training at Camp Polk
Training can be fun
Bus service from Camp Polk to Leesville's 37 bars
Leesville, near Camp Polk, 1943
Green, Goldman, Geary, Jamison, Moore, Knight, Clements
Arvin Jemison, 399-A at Camp Kilmer, 1946