49th A.I.B. - Hq. and Hq. Company
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Four Czech Children
Bobby Ellis? and Pfc Herschell Johnson on German plane
Gen. Patton attending performance of Lippizaner Stallions
Pfc Norman Olsen, 49-Hq and Jim Christensen ? 49-C
Statue of Johann Sebastian Bach
First Section of 49-Hq Recon platoon
Chapel service conducted by Chaplain Gordon
Alter for Field Service, 328th Reg't 26th Div.
Pfc Joel Parrott, 49-B
Pfc Norman Olsen, 49-Hq
105MM assault gun with Olsen, McBride, & Linn, 49-Hq
Sgt Paul Toms. 49-Hq with liberated Ruskie prisoner
PW's from Ruhr Pocket near Paderborn
German PW's in Ruhr pocket in Paderborn - Soest area
49th-Hq peep fully loaded with ammo, gas, supplies, etc.
Pfc Harvey Norris, 49-Hq
Pfc Herschell Johnson, 49-Hq, in hole at Rhine bridgehead
Pfc Norman Olsen, & Pfc Herschell Johnson, 49-Hq
Norm Olsen and Joseph Host with B-24 Liberator
Pfc Norm Olsen, 49-Hq, reads the Stars and Stripes
Tom Matts, Roland Cline, Joseph Host, Claude Esco, 49-Hq
Lutheran church built about 1500 - 49-Hq loc on V-E day
Barracks for political prisoners at Buchenwald
Pfc Norman Olson, 49-Hq, then in 28th Inf Div.
Lippizaner stallion at St. Martin, Austria
Wartberg Castle near Eisenach, Ger.
Some men of Hq Co., 49th AIB
Pfc. Richard pace and unidentified soldier, 49-HqC
MSgt Robert Pepi, 49-Hq
Pvt. Roy Founds, 49-Hq