7th Armored Infantry Battalion

Company 'A'
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Keher, Walker, Detrich, Peoples, & Bishop, 7th
Miller, Bird & Bishop, 7th
A Sherman M4 tank
A German Panther tank
Bob Bishop, 7th
Walt Hewitt & Bob Bishop, 7th
Bishop, Peoples, Meyers, & Allen, 7th
Archer, Bopp, Kehrer, & Bishop, 7th
Pfc Dominic Buonadonna and Pfc Shirley Gammon, 7th
Pfc John Reed, 7th
Pfc John Reed, 7th
T/Sgt Arthur Vanderhoof & S/Sgt Lester 'Benny' Marr, 7th
Cpl Curtis Forbair, S/Sgt Marr & S/Sgt Carl Jurgens, 7th
John Reed. Peter McKenzie, T/5 Albert Smith, & ?, 7th
S/Sgt George Miller. 7th
Cpl Robert Mills, 7th
S/Sgt Sigmund Seltzer, 7th (kia)
Pat and Dom ?, 7th
S/Sgt McDonald, T/5 Smith, and replacements, 7th
2nd squad, 2nd plat, 7th
T/5 Edwin Koons, driver, 2nd plat, 7th
Sgt Arnie Moe, 2nd plat, 7th
S/Sgt McDonald, T/5 Smith, 2nd squad, 2nd plat, 7th
Pfc Joe Santospirito, 3rd plat, 7th, Camp Polk, 1944
T/5 Edward Eckert, Armorer, 7th
Cpl Choate, T/5 Smith, Pvt Bauer, 2nd squad, 2nd plat, 7th
S/Sgt James McDonald, 2nd squad, 2nd plat, 7th
S/Sgt McDonald, T/5 Smith, 2nd squad, 2nd plat, 7th
Pfc James Almeida, 2nd plat, 7th
S/Sgt William Maguda, 2nd plat, 7th
Sgt George Wheeler, 2nd plat, 7th
Pfc Larry Carbone, 3rd plat, 7th
T/5 Alston E. Metcalf, driver, MG squad, 2nd plat, 7th
T/5 Albert Smith, driver, 2nd squad, 2nd plat, 7th
T/5 Metcalf, T/5 Meyers, & S/Sgt McDonald, 2nd plat, 7th
S/Sgt Robert I. Beers, Hq squad, 2nd plat, 7th
S/Sgt Bob Beers, & S/Sgt James Ragsdale, 7th
T/Sgt Ollie Rowe & S/Sgt Warner Engdahl, AT plat, 7th
Pfc H. Miller & Pfc K. Strietenberger, Mortar sq, 2 plat, 7th
Sgt William Schmidt, MG squad, 2nd plat, 7th
Pfc Snyder, S/Sgt Grob, 1st Lt Hammerschmidt, 2 plat, 7th
2nd Lt V. Albanese, 2nd plat leader, 7th
Lt Col A. Poinier, CO 7th AIB & Capt Joe Finley, CO 7th
2nd Platoon, CoA, 7th AIB
Vanderhoof, Jurgens, Marr, and Forbair. 7th
Bob Eilman abd Mess Sgt Harry Dietrich, 7th
AT platoon, Bowers, Cullen, Miller and Decanni, 7th
Bill Bopp, 7th, at conference table in Eagle's Nest
Bill Bopp, 7th, looking out windon in Hitler's Eagle's Nest
Bill Bopp, 7th, in front of Hitler's main house - Eagle's Nest
Camp Penning - Tidworth, England
Wheeler, Harris, Gasecki, and Geigner, 7th
Several men of 7th
Several more men of 7th
Mitchener and Adamson, 7th
Marsden, Harsh, Hulsizer, Sizemore, and Unk, 7th
T/5 A. Metcalf and Pvt Carmelo Falcone, 7th
Pfc Laurice Kentigh, 7th
Ralph Geigner, 7th
PFC Bob Harsch, 7th
Sgt Bill Maguda, T/5 Al Smith, and Pfc Bob Harsch?, 7th
Manny Gonzalez, 7th
Map of Nenning area
POW workers in Nurenburg, Germany
Troopship RMS Samaria - 1949
RMS Samaria Post Card
Pfc John Reed, 7th
Robert Myers, 7th, firing M3 sub-machine gun
T/5 Robert Myers, 7th
T/5 Robert Myers and T/5 Al Metcalf, 7th, Pilsen 1945
T/5 Robert Myers and S/Sgt Larry Carbone, 7th
Pfc's Herb Millar and Ken Streitenburger, 7th
Pvt Mavin W. Boman, 7-A
S/Sgt James J.Almeida, 7-A
Troopship Queen Mary, 7-A
T/5 Clinton Robert Partlow, 7-A
Pvt. Robert H. Johnson, 7-A
Grave of Wladyslaw Pawlowski, 7-A
Polish War Cemetary.Breda Holland 7-A
Pvt. Robert C. Johnson KIA 23 Feb 45 7-A
Pfc. Joseph Critelli KIA 24 Jan 45 7-A
Pfc. Charles Leach, 7-A
Pvt.Harold Luckfield, 7-A
Pfc.T. Earl Richardson, 7-A
Pvt. John I Daniels, KIA 1 March 45, 7-A
TSgt Carroll Milligan, KIA 25 Jan 45, 7-A