Soldier Photo Albums
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This index contains links to photo albums of individual soldiers of various units of the 8th Armored Division. They were scanned in the order they were contained in the photo albums and captioned with any notes available on the front or back of the photographs.

Album Description Period
88-B, Collection of T/4 Reynold Reber, courtesy of Miki Kirelawich, grand-daughter. Photo Album Europe (134 Pictures) Europe and Occupation
80-C Collection of Sgt. Felix Miller, courtesy of Bryan Miller, son. Photo Album Europe (135 Pictures) 1944 - 1945
398-HQ Collection of T/4 Paul Soderholm, courtesy of Paula Basar, daughter. Photo Album Stateside, Europe and Occuption (116 Pictures) 1944 - 1946
36-C Collection of Sgt Lloyd Kennedy, courtesy of Darlene Orlowski, daughter. Photo Album Stateside, Europe and Occuption (101 Pictures) 1944 - 1946
Not Used Not Used (0 Pictures) 1944 - 1945


The pictures are from photo albums of individual soldiers which have been obtained by the Assn. In these cases, given the albums may contain 100 or more images, rather than caption them individually and place them in the Company Pictures section of the website, we have included them in their totality here.

The quality is not as good as could be expected because the pictures are over 60 years old and the copying and editing could not improve them much. The documents may be hard to read in the format in which they are presented.

We have used the Photo.Google photo sharing system to display the photos. Clicking on the link will open a new page on your device. Once you are in Photo.Google, you can click on any image and it will start a slide show. There are arrows on the right and left if you hover your curser in that area. When you are done viewing the images, close the tab and 8th Armored website should still be open on your device.