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A Note of Gratitude

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We would like to add this note of gratitude and appreciation to our Dutch friends who have adopted and cared for the graves of our comrades who fell during WWII and are buried in the American Cemetery at Margraten, Holland.

As many of the current generation of Americans go about their daily activities they do not know or are not aware of the respect still shown to us by the Dutch people who have adopted and cared for these graves. At the present time all but 200 of the 8,301 gravesites have been adopted, many by second generation Dutch families as original adopters have passed away.

The Netherlands Adoption Foundation maintain the records and approve adoptions of American graves. At this time, in accordance with Netherlands privacy laws, the Adoption Foundation only provides adopter's information to the relatives and/or (army) friends residing in the U.S.A. If release of the adopter's names should be approved, and with their permission, we will provide them for individual gravesites of the men of the 8th Armored Division.

Known 8th Armored Gravesite Adoptions
Unit Rank Name Adopted By
36-Hq Sgt George Fedorchak Jr. Mrs. Brouwers- Broers
36-D Pfc Dennis I. Venne J. Vervoort
58-C Pfc Wyman J. French Ron Hermans
53-C Pvt Kenneth R. Miller Roy Pfennings
49-A T/5 Frank H. Jenkins Mr. Lucien Gerardu
49-A Pvt Robert L Thomas
49-C 2nd Lt. Lawrence E. Lybrand Michael Wright, Nato Base,
Geilenkirchen, Germany
36-B Pvt Ralph Price Mrs. Miriam Habets and her son Roel
36-D 1st Lt. Kenneth R. Robinson Bert Caris
49-B Pfc Hans Bergmayr Bart van der Sterren
49-B Pfc Edward Herrera Thieme Bosman
80-A Cpl Willie G. Beckner Herman van Hemert
        (see sample adoption certificate)
        21 May 10

We hope this project may be brought to a satisfactory conclusion so that we may properly show our gratitude to those individuals who permit us to use their names. Perhaps since our website is of interest primarily to men who served with the 8th Armored Division and their families and friends, the Netherlands Adoption Foundation may act favorably on our request.