Margraten American Cemetery - Misc. Pictures
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Grave of Lt. Kenneth D. Robinson, 36-D
American Battle Monuments Commission Page
West County News Journel - Newspaper Article
 Grave Adoption Certificate
Grave of Pvt. Hugh F. Hilditch, 49-A
Grave of Capt. Clarence E. Smith, 49-B
Bob Williams, 49-B at Grave of Capt. Clarence Smith, 49-B
Grave of Pfc. Hans Bergmayr, 49-B
Bob Williams, 49-B at Grave of Pfc Hans Bergmayr, 49-B
Air Force Honor Guard for Lt. Lybrand, 49-C
Air Force Capt. Hacker and Lt. Kreiser with flowers
Present Arms at Grave of Lt. Lybrand, 49-C
Grave of Lt. Lawrence E. Lybrand, 49-C
Grave of Willie Glenn Beckner, 80-A
Mother of Willie Glenn Beckner, 80-A, at gravesite
Gravesite of Richard H. Burd, 399-B
Pres. George Bush greets a young girl at Margraten
Laura Bush shakes hands with a veteran
Screen of Pres Bush's address above Margraten crosses
Laura Bush lays a wreath on an American grave
Margraten Chapel Tower
Part of crowd attending Pres Bush's address at Margraten
Grave of Frank H. Jenkins, 49-A, w/son of caretaker