Nennig Now and Then 2020-1945
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This index contains a links to an animation album of now and then comparisons of Signal Corps photos of Nennig, Germany. In the comment are the orignal Signal Corps historic photo caption. The animations are prepared by Nennig resident, Christopher Harrison. Thank you Christopher for this amazing collection.

Album Description Period
Nennig Animations Videos (9 videos) Nennig Germany, January 1945


We have used the Photo.Google photo sharing system to display the videos. Clicking on the link will open a new page on your device. Once you are in Photo.Google, you can click on any video and it will loasd and show, if you have appropriate application or software. There are arrows on the right and left if you hover your curser in that area. When you are done viewing the videos, close the tab and 8th Armored website should still be open on your device. 25 June 2020