Nennig-Linne Photos - Jan - Feb, 1945
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Infantry and tanks in Nennig, Germany
Medics unloading wounded from ambulance
Medics perform an emergency foot amputation
Medics use armored half-track to collect wounded
Tank loses track when going over an anti-tank mine
94th Infantrymen move jeep to shelter from shelling
Germans killed by men of 94th Inf and 8th Armored (CCA)
Ammunition train set up to support 94th Infantry
German dead being removed from Nennig
Knocked out German tank near shelled houses in Nennig
German prisoners moving through streets in Nennig
White phosphorus shells dropping in Duran, Germany
Medics treat wounded infantryman Pvt Pollitt near Linne, Holland, 58-C
58-C Infantrymen moving up under German sniper fire at Linne
View of Linne Holland, building from previous photo
Infantrymen run through ditch during attack on Roermond
German civilians evacuate from town of Rheindahlen, Ger.
T/Sgt Joseph Bianchi, CCB, works on radio equipment
Wounded German prisoners captured in Lintfort, Ger.