Signal Corps Pictures, 51 - 74
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3 May 45 - S/Sgt Wesley Freed with new friend
Sniper alert, Nennng, France
8th AD First Action, Linne, Holland
Bursting Nazi 88's, Holland
8th AD Blasts Berg, Germany
8th AD Fights Near Nennig, France
Fire Blasts Sinz, Germany
8th AD Attack, Germany
Attack Rheinberg, Germany
Advance to Rhine Valley
8th AD Flame Thrower Tank, Germany
8th AD Rolls through Germany
8th AD Wipes out Nazis, Germany
Taking Shelter, Sinz, Germany
4th of July Parade, Pilsen, Czech
Street Fight, Germany
Fight Roer River Area
8th AD Victory Parade, Pilsen, Czech
2 Mar 45 - 36-C tank C-17 in column for attack on Rheinberg
6 Mar 45 - 35th & 8th AD inf advance to Lindforth for attack
Square in Rheinberg which Capt. David Kelly, 36-B, circled
Men of 58-B receive news of VE Day. Woodall, Meier, Schwartz, Sablowsky, Maienza, Hooks, Hall, Mailly, Norcross, Vincent