World War II Patriotic Posters
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What did you do today … for freedom
Save freedom of speech . . . Buy war bonds
Oer the ramparts we watch - Army Air Force
'Sub spotted - - - Let  'em have it'
Careless talk - - - got there first
Give us lumbsr for more PT's
Ours - to fight for --- Freedom from fear
To have and to hold! … Buy War Bonds
If you tell where he is going ... he may never get there
'You buy 'em … We'll fly 'em'
'God help me if this is a dud!' - His life is in your hands
Where our men are fighting - our food is fighting
Do it right - - - Make it right
Keep it up brother - -  this war's not won by a damn sight!
We have just begun to fight!
We here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain!
Ours - to fight for --- Freedom from want
This is the enemy
You can't afford to miss either - - - buy bonds every payday
Americans will always fight for liberty
Give it your best
the five Sullivan brothers . . . they did their part