Portfolios - No. 1 to 5 and Booklet
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This index contains links to 8th Armored Division portfolios containing pictures taken from training at Fort Knox, KY, and Camp Polk, LA, to our final destination in Czechoslovakia. They were scanned in the order they were contained in the portfolios and no attempt has been made to edit or further catalogue them.

Portfolio Description Period
Portfolio 1 Training at Ft. Knox, KY. (258 Pictures) 1942 - 1943
Portfolio 2 Training at Camp Polk, LA . (438 Pictures) 1943 - 1944
Portfolio 3 Europe and after the War (338 Pictures) 1944 - 1945
Portfolio 4 Post War in Europe. (238 Pictures) 1945
Portfolio 5 Langenstein-Zwieberge Concentration Camp. (27 Pictures) 1945
Booklet Camp Polk Booklet (slideshow with music) 1944


The pictures are contained in Portfolios 1 to 4 which are displayed at the Association's reunions. They have been scanned and reproduced here for anyone to view, especially those who may not have been able to attend the reunions.

The pictures are contained in Portfolios 5 come from mixed unknown sources and US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The Camp Polk booklet was prepared in late 1944 just prior to our shipping out to Europe. It's a slideshow of the booklet and has music associated with it. It is in .wmv format and requires Microsoft media player or some other player program that can play this format.

The quality is not as good as could be expected because the pictures are over 60 years old and the copying and editing could not improve them much. The documents may be hard to read in the format in which they are presented.

We have used the Photo.Google photo sharing system to display the photos. Clicking on the link will open a new page on your device. Once you are in Photo.Google, you can click on any image and it will start a slide show. There are arrows on the right and left if you hover your curser in that area. When you are done viewing the images, close the tab and 8th Armored website should still be open on your device.