Dedicated to the men of the 'Greatest Generation'.  

Nothing in life is more exhilarating than to be shot at -
with no result.

Winston Churchill, 1874-1965

Something to Consider: "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin, 1759

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Ardennes,   Rhineland,   Central Europe

The Thundering Herd

And all this before many of us were twenty-one.

Latest update: 27 May 2024.

NOTICE: 8th Armored Division Assoc. Annual Reunion. Sept 20-Sept 24, 2024

Join us for our annual reunion to be held September 20th thru September 24th of 2024 in partnership with the Battle of the Bulge Association in St. Charles, Missouri.

Memorial to the 8th Armored Division

To Members and Friends of the 8th Armored Division Association:

We wish to invite veterans, descendants of the veterans, researchers, teachers and students of the history of World War II, and members of veterans' organizations to join us. Our mission is to gather and preserve the stories, pictures, records, and archival data of the 8th Armored Division, and keep their memory alive for the future through reunions, social media, this website and newsletters.

Please help us in this mission by joining the Association, contributing to the newsletter (Thundering Herd), attending reunions, and spreading the word about the group to others.

We are also in need of volunteers to share in the work of the Association. Please consider lending your talents and skills to this end.

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Newsletter, V-11, N-02, winter-Spring 2024


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